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Sh. Ismail

Calipha Assigmnet

Asalamo Alikum my dear beloved sons and daughters this assignment for high school students while are sitting at homes you will have the knowledge and to live a very good moment with our beloved Sahaba So we will start with the four caliphs (PPUT) So the assignment is 1- Listen to the story of each caliph and answer these questions 1- write a brief biography of each caliph ( 5 lines Max each one ) 2- Which Calife you loved more and you feel he is close to you and why The deadline to submit the assignment is 22nd of April Insha Allah

Abu Bakr As-Siddiq RA

The first calipha

Umar Ibn Al-Khattab RA

The second calipha

Uthman Ibn Affan RA

The third calipha

Ali RA

The fourth calipha

Aslamualykum to all students, As you know that we have already started studying the Maxims of Fiqh please review this and I'll add a short explanation of the subject soon for the new ones.

The Five Major Maxims of Fiqh